Privacy Policy

Beer Dude is a game inspired by the enjoyment and simplicity of traditional arcade games, from a time long before your personal details could be transmitted to remote servers and stored indefinitely in the name of improved gameplay through analytic deduction. This policy exists to document the extent to which your information is transmitted, stored and used.

Information that may be collected

The only time your Beer Dude app will send any data over a network is when posting new high scores to the Leaderboard. The information sent includes your score, the name that you first entered after your first Leaderboard score, your IP address, a brief game summary and a unique ID that enables our servers to know which other scores are yours. This information is saved in a database for only the following purposes:
1) for basic Leaderboard functionality, including showing your name and score to others (if you’re in the top 10);
2) to provide data necessary for ensuring the authenticity of posted high scores.

Location data

Beer Dude doesn’t care where you are. You’re probably in the bathroom anyway. The app doesn’t ever receive or transmit your location data.

Sharing information

Beer Dude doesn’t share your information with a third-party. Period.

Agreement with Beer Dude policies

By accessing and/or using the Beer Dude app, you signify your understanding of and agreement with this Privacy Policy. If you do not agree with this policy, please do not access or use the Beer Dude app.

last updated May 10, 2014